Barack Obama: In the Footsteps of Twentieth Century Despots

How many times will the American people have to be hit over the head before they understand that Barack Obama is the most corrupt, dictatorial, and ideologically driven president in American history?  That his entire being and psyche are devoted to transforming the country not only into a socialist utopia, but into a nation permanently governed by a radical oligarchy?

This mindset has been on display since the beginning of Obama’s term, as detailed by David Limbaugh in his book, Crimes Against Liberty.  Yet so many seem to not care or are deliberately oblivious to the long-term implications of his actions, many of which mirror those of the despots that ran roughshod over the last century.

The recent ruling by the Obama Department of Health and Human Services forcing religious institutions to provide either directly or through private insurance not only contraceptives, but abortion pills and sterilization is not a matter of so-called women’s rights, but a means of setting the precedent and foundation to force organized religion to be subservient to the state…..”

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Barack Obama is following in the footsteps of the despots who dominated the 20th century.  If given another term in office, he, along with his fellow-travelers in the administration, will be unencumbered in attempting to complete the transformation of the United States.  However, they will not accomplish their quest — just as those they admire in the previous century did not.  They will succeed only in initiating massive social upheaval and violence.

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