Miss Josie – an ambassador for her breed.

Miss Josie is an “ambassador for her breed.” She’s a pit bull rescue who loves everyone and everything. She’s a great dog – beauty, brains, and brawn – and she was a great mom.

These videos were taken a year ago… after Josie and her nine puppies were rescued. She was a teenage mom, tied in an alley and left to fend for herself and her puppies. All her puppies were placed in homes and now Miss Josie is our baby. Here she is “sweet mouthing” her babies.

Here’s a link for more information on pit bull rescue dogs and where to find one to fit your family.

Obama undercuts airline safety

Peanut Gallery: For those of you who fly the friendly skies… which makes you feel safer – a TSA screener or a pilot with a gun? I’ll take the pilot (preferable from Texas) with a gun.

President Obama’s Plan To Kill Armed Pilot Program | RedState

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President Obama’s Plan To Kill Armed Pilot Program | RedState.