Fast-Tracking into Poverty

Peanut Gallery: You can call it anything you want but illegitimacy is still the fast-track to poverty. See post on “162 Reasons to Marry.”

“A number of factors have led the the rising numbers of illegitimacy — which most researchers agree increases a child’s risk of emotional problems and falling into poverty — including, as The Times noted, economic factors that have thinned the number of available, marriageable men; a larger social safety net; and a more promiscuous society.”

Peanut Gallery: I think that translates into… “women don’t have to and men don’t want to.”

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Illegitimate | AP | Unmarried | The Daily Caller.

George Washington and the Real Meaning of Presidents Day

“Poor George Washington. His birthday, spontaneously celebrated since the Revolution and formally declared a holiday in 1879, has slowly morphed into the insipid Presidents Day you’ll hear about today.

George Washington, the “indispensable man” of the Revolution who was rightly extolled for being “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen,” has now been lumped together with the likes of James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, Franklin Pierce and John Tyler.

It gets worse. Washington’s good name and great legacy are now shamelessly invoked to justify positions that he would never have envisaged.”

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George Washington and the Real Meaning of Presidents Day.