The View From The Gulf: America’s Quiet Go-between Speaks | Fox News

Oman has become “the Switzerland of the Middle East.” Sultan Qaboos bin Said is a friend of the US. This post is a must read if you want to understand what the world looks like to our Islamic friends. Yes, we do have Islamic friends.

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The View From The Gulf: America’s Quiet Go-between Speaks | Fox News.

Federal Workers Overpaid, and CBO Agrees

“The federal pay system unnecessarily inflates federal pay. My research shows that, on average, federal employees earn hourly wages 22 percent higher than otherwise comparable private-sector workers. Numerous studies by researchers whose personal views span the political spectrum come to similar conclusions.

Federal employees also receive premium benefits. They receive both a defined-benefit and defined-contribution pension plan, can retire with full benefits at 56, and receive significantly more paid leave than their private-sector counterparts. Accounting for the value of these benefits raises the federal compensation premium to between 30 percent and 40 percent above similar private-sector workers. All told, the federal compensation premium will cost taxpayers $47 billion this year.”

Federal Workers Overpaid, and CBO Agrees.