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Inauguration Prayer: for the Nation – Billy Graham, 1969 (re-blog)

Our Father and our God, Thou hast said, “Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord.” We recognize on this historic occasion that we are “a nation under God.” We thank Thee for this torch of faith handed to us by our forefathers. May we never let it be extinguished. Thou alone hast given us our prosperity, our freedom and our power. This faith in God is our heritage and our foundation! [Read more…]

Alzheimer’s Disease: 9 things you should know | Re-blog – Joe Carter | TGC

Recently I boarded an airline flight early and, with an aisle seat near the front, watched the parade of the remaining passengers. One couple older caught my eye. She seemed confused as her husband gently guided her to their seat behind me. She didn’t seem to know how to slide in to her window seat, or where to sit, or how to buckle her seat belt. All the while, her husband patiently explained what to do and how to do it. And then it dawned on me – the woman must have Alzheimer’s Disease.

What’s wrong with millennials?

Imagine a room full of 24- to 28-year-olds. Many still live with their parents. Most are probably still on their parents’ insurance (thanks, Obamacare!). Several are fresh off candlelight vigils being held in the wake of Trump’s election. All are seeking the spiritual crystals or magical incantations that will suddenly grant them the superpowers to pay their credit cards, show up to meetings on time, set their own dental appointments, and maybe even cook their own dinner once in a while.

In the New Year: Optimism and Hope

The election of soon-to-be-President Donald Trump changed everything for me. And I truly believe that his election victory, in the face of overwhelming odds to the contrary, was an act of God. I am in full agreement with Franklin Graham: It wasn’t Russians who intervened in election, ‘it was God.’

4th Sunday of Advent, 18 Dec: Isaiah 7:10-14; Psalm 24; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-24 ~ loved and called to holiness

Eternal God, in the psalms of David, in the words of the prophets, in the dream of Joseph your promise is spoken. At last, in the womb of the Virgin Mary your Word takes flesh.

Teach us to welcome Jesus, the promised Emmanuel, and to preach the good news of his coming, that every age may know him as the source of redemption and grace.

Grant this through him whose coming is certain, whose day draws near: your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.