Dick Morris: Book Review Of Ameritopia By Mark Levin

I took Contemporary Civilization at Columbia College. It had a reading list that was a smattering of excerpts from all the great thinkers who shaped western civilization. We referred to it as the “cocktail party course.” The readings were neither long enough nor sufficiently representative of the body of work of the author to give you a real grasp of what they were saying. But they gave you enough to get by and sound erudite.

Now Mark Levin revisits these philosophers and explains how their thinking shaped the world in which we live.”

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10 reasons religious conservatives love Rick Santorum – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs

Peanut Gallery: What would you add to the list”

Here’s what I’d add – Rick Santorum starts with a fundamental Christian belief that God, as Creator, has given every human being a fundamental right to life. Why? Because every human being is created in the “image of God” and therefore has infinite dignity and value before God. And, the Santorum’s have lived this belief out in their own personal lives.

Article excerpt: “Rick Santorum’s trifecta victories Tuesday night are a good reminder of the powerful role religious conservatives play in the GOP. They fueled Santorum’s wins in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado  and his earlier victory in the Iowa caucuses.”

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10 reasons religious conservatives love Rick Santorum – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.

Dangerously Clueless: Middle East Crumbles Around Obama’s Foreign Policy

“Thousands are dead in Syria, with more blood spilled each day. Iran is within arm’s reach of a nuclear weapon, threatening Israel’s very existence. And in Egypt, 19 Americans are banned from leaving the country, making them veritable hostages in an unfriendly land. All indications are that the Middle East is crumbling, and President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is collapsing right along with it.”

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Middle East Crumbles Around Obama's Foreign Policy.