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The Adoption Commercial — Alternative To Abortion
By Teresa Rice, 2013, 01, 07

Bethany Christian Services
Bethany Christian Services
From Heroic Media:

“Heroic Media’s mission is to present women with hopeful alternatives to abortion – and adoption is a beautiful alternative!”

“Our new pro-adoption TV commercial shares the message that adoption is a loving choice that gives a birthmother the ability to choose a family for her baby and receive support throughout her pregnancy.”

Bethany Christian Services has already begun to experience the wonderful effects of the adoption commercial.

From Christian Newswire:

Heroic Media, with nearly 10 years of experience developing pro-life media messages, created its first TV spot focused on sharing the option of adoption with women facing unplanned pregnancies. During the campaign, 45 spots aired nationwide over a four week period. As a result of the campaign, hundreds of pregnant women unsure about their situation contacted Bethany Christian Services’ licensed pregnancy counselors for more information about their options.

According to Bethany, one such birthmother in Florida contacted the organization to discuss adoption as she had been considering leaving her baby at the hospital after giving birth, as allowed by state law. Ultimately, the birthmother decided to place her daughter with a pastor and his wife through Bethany Christian Services.

This is a wonderful ad campaign. May both the birthmothers and the adoption parents be blessed as they go through the adoption process. While Kevin and I are not financially able to adopt at this time I want to become an advocate for adoption. Plus, I think it’s a bit too soon since I just had my hysterectomy in September.

There are so many couples out there who are unable to conceive and I hope this adoption commercial campaign opens the eyes of women who are going through unplanned pregnancies so that instead of them choosing to kill their unborn children, God’s creation, that God will give them the grace to choose life and give couples the chance to adopt, care for and love the precious babies. Every living human being deserves a chance to live. The unborn have the God-given right to live.

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Peanut Gallery: What would you add to the list”

Here’s what I’d add – Rick Santorum starts with a fundamental Christian belief that God, as Creator, has given every human being a fundamental right to life. Why? Because every human being is created in the “image of God” and therefore has infinite dignity and value before God. And, the Santorum’s have lived this belief out in their own personal lives.

Article excerpt: “Rick Santorum’s trifecta victories Tuesday night are a good reminder of the powerful role religious conservatives play in the GOP. They fueled Santorum’s wins in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado  and his earlier victory in the Iowa caucuses.”

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