NYC Christians welcome Tebow

Peanut Gallery: Tebow in Babylon… the media circus begins with an interview today (Monday) at noon. Please pray for Tim Tebow.

NYC Christians Welcome Tebow News
Updated: Saturday, 24 Mar 2012, 10:36 AM MST
Published : Saturday, 24 Mar 2012, 10:36 AM MST

(Wall Street Journal) – As soon as the announcement came that Tim Tebow was moving to the New York Jets, leaders at Christian City Church Manhattan began brainstorming about how to deliver an invitation to the NFL’s most outspoken Christian.

“It would just be wonderful to have him,” said Anthony Cecutti, who envisions the quarterback speaking to the men’s group he leads at the Midtown church.

Jets fans may be torn about Tebow’s surprise acquisition from the Denver Broncos, but New York’s evangelical Christian community has far fewer reservations.

“This is a big deal,” said Bojan Jancic, senior pastor at the East Village-based CityLight Church. Continue reading “NYC Christians welcome Tebow”

Egypt’s Other Christian Churches

“Egypt is home to a number of Christian denominations, who differ from the Coptic Orthodox Church on some key issues”

The vast majority of Egyptian Christians belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church, but there are a number of other Christian denominations with significant numbers of followers in Egypt. Ahram Online takes a look at three of the largest.

The Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria Continue reading “Egypt’s Other Christian Churches”

The Swedish Experiment – the “do’s and don’ts”

Peanut Gallery: I begin with the premise that “socialism” is contrary to human nature and is inevitably doomed to failure.

It fails because some people work hard and others don’t. The “do’s” eventually create better a lifestyle for themselves and begin to resent the “don’ts” or, vice versa, as in this article. Either way, socialists finally “run out of other people’s money” (Margaret Thatcher) and the system fails.

It can fail from the top down, when the “do’s” start running out of money and feel the pain, or from the bottom up when the “don’ts” refuse to take any responsibility for themselves and take to the streets to demand their “fair share” (think Greece).

This article on The Swedish Utopian Experiment makes my point.

“Sweden has seen the steepest increase in inequality over 15 years amongst the 34 OECD nations, with disparities rising at four times the pace of the United States, the think tank said.”

Swedish equality fades away as rich get richer

Photo 1/2
A homeless man sleeps on the street in Stockholm in this February 18, 2012 file photo. In a 15-year span, Sweden has seen the steepest increase in…more
Photo 2/2
People participating in the class war safari observe buildings at the upper class district at Solsidan in Saltsjobaden near Stockholm in this January.

STOCKHOLM – Fredde and Mickan own a waterfront mansion in the Stockholm suburbs, hire Polish help and have endless cash to spend on state-of-the-art barbecues and designer labels. Continue reading “The Swedish Experiment – the “do’s and don’ts””