The Ring Makes All the Difference – Believe it!

“Yesterday we talked about a heartbreaking statistic: the majority of women under thirty who have children now do so out of wedlock. Unfortunately, many of these aren’t eager to tie the knot with the fathers of their babies because they see marriage as a formality — one which still doesn’t guarantee lasting commitment anyway.

“Marriage has become a luxury good,” says Frank Furstenberg at the University of Pennsylvania. Those who think they can’t afford it simply opt for cohabitation.

But in reality, it’s cohabitation that carries the greater cost. I shared with you yesterday the facts on children whose parents are married. They are much more likely to avoid the challenges like behavioral problems and crime that plague the children of unmarried parents. But what about the parents, themselves?

As Glenn Stanton argues in his book, The Ring Makes All the Difference, cohabitation is fundamentally different from marriage. In fact, it’s the opposite. Come to, and I’ll link you to Glenn’s book and other powerful sources on this crucial topic. For The Point, I’m John Stonestreet.”

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The Ring Makes All the Difference.