How many American lives is a worn copy of a Koran worth?

“How do you save a nation that has no history of freedom or self-rule and where the citizens refuse to fight for themselves?”

koran, burning, Afghanistan | The Daily Caller.

by Major General Jerry Curry, USA, Ret.

How many American lives is a worn copy of a Koran worth? If a Muslim writes in a Koran and tears out its pages its fine. If an American burns that same Koran it’s a crime punishable by death in Afghanistan. Is the burning of a book really equivalent to the killing of an American officer? I don’t think so and neither does the officer’s family and friends. Can we assume that President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton will phone the American families and apologize to them too? Why not? Aren’t American lives more important than Afghan books?

Isn’t it time we started treating Prime Minister Karzai of Afghanistan like an adult? He should either get his people under control, or the United States should pull all of its troops out of there, now. You can buy more Korans but you can’t buy more senior military officers. Why not have send Karzai a box of books and let him keep the extras? Shouldn’t that handle his concerns? Continue reading “How many American lives is a worn copy of a Koran worth?”

Time for a Cut, Cap & Balance Budget – United States Senator Jim DeMint

“Without immediate action to control federal spending, deficits will continue to grow as a proportion of gross domestic product, and our accumulated national debt will soon reach world-destabilizing levels.”

Time for a Cut, Cap & Balance Budget – Op-Eds – News Room – United States Senator Jim DeMint.

March 16, 2012

Time for a Cut, Cap & Balance Budget


The most important policy imperative in the world today is for the United States to balance its budget. Though the reasons we must do so are economic, the reasons we should are fundamentally moral.

Everything our republic means to our citizens, and everything America means to the world — friend and foe alike — depends on our ability to pay our bills and honor our debts.

The full faith and credit of the United States — on which depends our reputation and, ultimately, our security, prosperity and freedom — is at risk today as never before. In recent years, under presidents and Congresses of both parties, we have racked up yawning deficits and mushrooming debt that now pose a danger to America as we know it. Continue reading “Time for a Cut, Cap & Balance Budget – United States Senator Jim DeMint”