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Peanut Gallery: Here’s a simple question – Who do you think knows more about economics and energy? Rick Santelli or Barack Obama?
“Our society, our culture — the greatness of America — goes hand-in-hand with energy, and our leaders need to wake up,” Santelli said. “We need energy, OK? And if they want to turn into a third-world country where there is absolutely no pollution whatsoever. And I think we need to be good to the planet, but we need to be more honest — do we want to be a superpower that uses energy and tries to do it wisely, or do we want to put our head in the sand and think that these technologies that are noble, that I have been talking about since I was in grammar school debating solar and geothermal. They’re not ready, and I think it’s just a disservice to my kids that they’re going to make energy usage such a penalty-type scenario, where we all know if you want to put GDP up, energy usage is going to go right along with it.”

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Rick Santelli | Third-World Status | Energy Policy | The Daily Caller.