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Last night’s speeches were notable less for what they contained and more for what they did not: any engagement with the issue of having a debt load (of $16 trillion) that is now larger than GDP, of having a long-forecasted entitlement time bomb marching northward toward 100 percent of federal spending, of having underfunded obligations in the trillions of dollars promised by politicians addicted to handing out “free” benefits.


DENIALIST DEMOCRATS – Matt Welch|Sep. 5, 2012 8:30 am

CHARLOTTE — What was your favorite unintentionally revealing moment of Tuesday night’s kickoff of the Democratic National Convention? Was it the welcome-to-Charlotte video whose narrator let slip that “government is the only thing that we all belong to”? Perhaps Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s exhortation to “make the will of the people the law of the land”? Or former Ohio gov. Ted Strickland’s thunderous, populist twaddle about “economic patriotism”?

All of these were fun, but for me the biggest direct reveal of how current Democratic rhetoric leads to bad public policy was one of the evening’s honorary former Republicans, Cincinnati firefighter Doug Stern. “The Republican Party left people like me,” Stern complained. “Somewhere along the way, being a public employee—someone who works for my community—made me a scapegoat for the GOP. Thank goodness we have leaders like President Obama and Vice President Biden who still believe that public service is an honorable calling.”

It was classic major-party Manicheasm: Eastasians do bad things for the simple reason that their hearts are bad; Eurasians’ hearts are good, so they don’t do bad things. Continue reading “Denialist Democrats – Matt Welch |”

Please pray for believers in Lebanon

September 6 | Lebanon – The potential of Christian TV is exciting. Some of the live programs have been made in parts of the Arab World where death is looming, and the response from the local population has been tremendous.

Pray that the Lord will speak to the hearts of people when they see these programs, and for people who are ready to sacrifice their own lives to bring the message of hope to them.

Christianity has a long history in Lebanon – see Wikipedia. Various Christian sects make up approximately 39% of Lebanon’s population – Wikipedia – however, politics and religion are fused and sectarian violence is a reality of life. Added to the tension is the civil war in Syria which threatens to spill over into Lebanon.

Please pray for protection and direction… a willingness to follow Jesus day-to-day.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. (Phil. 1:21)