Morning Prayer: Thursday 05 Nov 2020 – Psalms (105) and Proverbs (05) ~ Seek the LORD and his strength!

Morning Prayer, Thursday, 05 Nov 2020

+ In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Grant us, Lord, not to be anxious about earthly things, but to love things heavenly; and even now, as we live among things that are passing away, to hold fast to those that shall endure; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

“Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his face evermore.”
(Psalm 105:3-4)


 Holy Spirit, breath of God and fire of love, I cannot pray without your aid: Kindle in me the fire of your love, and illumine me with your light; that with a steadfast will and holy thoughts I may approach the Father in spirit and in truth; through Jesus Christ my Lord, who reigns with you and the Father in eternal union. Amen.


Psalm 105: Ian White


The New Cloverdale Psalter (2019 Update of 1535 Original

“Psalm 105”

1 Give thanks unto the LORD and call upon his Name; *
tell the peoples what things he has done.
2 O let your songs be of him, and praise him, *
and let your speech be of all his wondrous works.
3 Rejoice in his holy Name; *
let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
4 Seek the LORD and his strength; *
seek his face evermore.
5 Remember the marvelous works that he has done, *
his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth,
6 O seed of Abraham his servant, *
O children of Jacob his chosen.

7 He is the LORD our God; *
his judgments are in all the world.
8 He has always been mindful of his covenant, *
and the promise that he made to a thousand generations,
9 Even the covenant that he made with Abraham, *
and the oath that he swore to Isaac,
10 Which he appointed to Jacob for a law, *
and to Israel for an everlasting testament,
11 Saying, “To you will I give the land of Canaan *
to be the portion of your inheritance.”

12 When there were yet but a few of them, *
and they were strangers in the land,
13 And they wandered from nation to nation, *
and from one kingdom to another,
14 He allowed no one to do them wrong, *
but reproved even kings for their sakes:
15 “Do not touch my Anointed, *
and do my prophets no harm.”

16 Moreover, he called for a famine in the land *
and destroyed all the provision of bread.
17 But he had sent a man before them: *
Joseph, who was sold to be a bondservant,
18 Whose feet they hurt in the stocks; *
they put an iron collar around his neck.
19 Until the time came that his sayings were fulfilled, *
the word of the LORD tried him.
20 The king sent and delivered him; *
the ruler of the people let him go free.
21 He made him lord over his house, *
and ruler of all his possessions,
22 That he might instruct his princes according to his will *
and teach his elders wisdom.

23 Israel also came into Egypt, *
and Jacob was a stranger in the land of Ham.
24 And he increased his people exceedingly, *
and made them stronger than their enemies,
25 Whose heart he turned, so that they hated his people, *
and dealt deceitfully with his servants.

26 Then he sent Moses his servant, *
and Aaron whom he had chosen,
27 And they worked his signs among them, *
and wonders in the land of Ham.
28 He sent darkness, and it was dark; *
but they were not obedient to his word.
29 He turned their waters into blood *
and caused their fish to die.
30 Their land brought forth frogs, *
even in their kings’ chambers.
31 He spoke the word, and there came all manner of flies, *
and gnats in all their borders.
32 He gave them hailstones for rain, *
and flames of fire in their land.
33 He smote their vines also, and their fig trees, *
and destroyed the trees that were in their borders.
34 He spoke the word, and the grasshoppers came, and locusts innumerable, *
which ate up all the grass in their land and devoured the fruit of their ground.
35 He smote all the firstborn in their land, *
even the first-fruits of all their strength.
36 He brought forth Israel with silver and gold; *
in all their tribes there was not one who stumbled.

37 Egypt was glad at their departing, *
for they were afraid of them.
38 He spread out a cloud to be a covering, *
and fire to give light in the night season.
39 At their desire he brought quail, *
and he filled them with the bread of heaven.
40 He opened the rock, and the waters flowed out, *
so that rivers ran in the dry places.
41 For he remembered his holy promise *
and Abraham his servant.
42 And he brought forth his people with joy, *
and his chosen ones with gladness,
43 And gave them the lands of the nations, *
and they took the labors of the peoples in possession,
44 That they might keep his statutes *
and observe his laws.

Praise the LORD.



“Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his face evermore.”
(Psalm 105:3-4)

  • The LORD is wholly glorious; every deed of his will bear the strictest scrutiny; his name is holy, his character is holy, his law is holy, his government is holy, his influence is holy.
  • To worship the Lord and seek his kingdom and righteousness is the sure way to happiness, indeed there is no other.
  • Put yourselves under his protection, and seek to know the power of his grace.
  • To seek his face is to desire his presence, his smile, his favor consciously enjoyed.

__ Spurgeon

The LORD is holy and all-powerful.

Q: How does seeking him apply to your current circumstances?

Q: Are you able to look beyond your current circumstances and rejoice in the LORD?

Q: Where do you need the LORD’s strength to sustain you now?


Proverbs (05) (The wisdom of Solomon)

18 Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

21 For the Lord sees clearly what a man does,
examining every path he takes.


LORD God Almighty: you have given us this good land as our heritage.
We acknowledge and lament the many sins and offenses we have committed against you and one another.

+ We have forgotten your favor and turned away for your rule and reign in  our lives….
LORD, have mercy.

+ We have depended on government welfare instead of hard work to sustain us….
LORD, have mercy.

+ We have substituted revisionist history for our god-fearing origins….
LORD, have mercy.

+ We have denied the poorest among us a basic education and safe classrooms….
LORD, have mercy.

+ We have allowed immorality of every sort to become accepted behavior….
LORD, have mercy.

LORD God Almighty: we are reaping what we have sown. Violence, discord, confusion, lies, deceit, and pervasive evil infect our land; religious and racial tensions are exploited for personal and political gain; and our government is corrupt – there is no equal justice or peace in our land. We have provoked your righteous anger against us.

LORD have mercy, for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ: forgive us and renew this land, that we may serve you to the honor and glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Psalm 105 (Give Thanks) – Sean Dayton



May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you, wherever He may send you.
May He guide you through the wilderness, protect you through the storm.
May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.
May He bring you home rejoicing once again into our doors.


+ In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.