The Essential One-Hundred Bible Reading Plan ~ begin meeting with God today!


PEANUT GALLERY: Today we begin a new weekday format which includes “The Essential One-Hundred Bible Reading Plan.” The Essential 100 (E100®) is a carefully selected list of short Bible passages — 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament — that provides a fast-paced overview of the Bible. Most are about 1-2 chapters in length, just the right amount for busy people to read and understand in a few minutes.

On weekends, we will revert back to the lectionary readings that relate to Easter and then Pentecost. God willing, we will complete this new Bible Reading Plan in 20 weeks, on Sunday, 14 August.

Our Purpose is to meet with God every day and, in so doing, to get to know God himself. God gave us the Bible because he wants us to know who he is. It really is true: if you want to know God, read his Book.

“To have a meaningful spiritual life, you must read Scripture.” Episcopal monk, John-Julian

“To have a meaningful spiritual life, you must read Scripture.” Episcopal monk, John-Julian

Scripture Union recommends this simple Bible Reading Method — Pray, Read, Reflect, Apply, Pray. Here’s how it works:

• Pray before you read, asking God to help you understand his Word.
• Read the Bible passage, slowly and thoughtfully, more than once if you have time.
• Reflect on what you’ve read by jotting notes in a journal. What is God saying to you?
• Apply what you learn from God’s Word. What does God want you to do?
• Pray again, asking God to help you live out his Word.

You might also find Scripture Union’s “The Seven Habits of Effective Bible Readers” helpful – free download here.


PEANUT GALLERY: Please note that the resources available through Scripture Union are not required to follow along with us here. However, you may find them helpful personally, for use church-wide, or for use in a small group.

I personally downloaded E100 Challenge Guide eBook (PDF) for $4.95. Check them out.

You might also like the Old Testament (1-50) and New Testament (51-100) audio files that are available for download.

God bless!

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