A Mother’s Day Prayer

O Heavenly Father:

We praise and thank you this day for your gift of Mothers in this world – for the unconditional love you instill in their souls and the unlimited sacrifices they make for us their children.

  • May you bless the women who are at the beginning of their journey of motherhood with newborn babies and toddlers.
  • May you bless the mothers who are in the midst of teenage years with their children.
  • May you bless the single mother who is challenged to be all things to her children.
  • May you bless the mother who chooses to love and nurture the child of another.
  • May you bless the mothers who continue to guide their children and the next generation as grandmothers.
  • May you bless the mothers who grieve the loss of their children.
  • May you comfort the women who yearn to know the blessing of motherhood.

Continue to bless these women. Keep them healthy in body, mind and spirit. Allow them to tum to you when they struggle in their daily lives. And give them the courage, compassion and vision to meet the daily challenge of motherhood.

For those of us whose mothers now share your heavenly banquet: May you enable us this day to remember a special memory to help us endure the loss we feel from the absence of our mother in our daily lives. Thank you that they are in your presence knowing joy that we cannot imagine.

All this we ask in the name of the one who also knew the loving touch of his own mother Mary, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.