Throwback: Whose crazy now? – 2013 March for Life – 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade

And now, 3 years later, hundreds of thousands of men women and children will March For Life in Washington, DC. It’s a new day for Life in America!

The Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery: Since 1973 when the US Supreme Court legalized abortion, over 55 million babies have been killed. The numbers are staggering and continue to grow. Maybe this will help you get a handle on it –

Time: If you counted 1 baby per second, it would take you 1 yr and 9 months to get to 55 million, and by then an additional 2,400,000 babies would have been aborted. In fact, 3 more babies will be aborted in the time it takes for you to read this post.

Population: 55 million abortions is the approxomate equivalent of eliminating everyone living in the States of Califonia and New York… or wiping out everyone who lives in the United Kingdom, or Italy. It would cut Mexico’s population in half… or eliminate every Canadian with 20 million deaths to spare.

Deadly comparisons: The Atomic Bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima…

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