Avengers 4 Life in DC – Official Video – “Where’s Arturo?”

Peanut Gallery: The large presence of young people at the 2013 March for Life was most heartening. The numbers of Pro-Life young people are increasing while the old guard,  radical, pro-death feminists are fading into the sunset as their numbers decline. The demographics are with the Pro-Life movement.

"Avengers 4 Life"
“Avengers 4 Life”
2013 March for Life, Washington DC

Biltrix described this Pro-life Generation in a recent post. And Students for Life were everywhere. Check out their web sites to see what they’re doing to reach young people for Life.

As part of that youth movement, RC Mission Corps Volunteers made their missionary presence known with Avengers 4 Life.” Here’s a picture I took of them along the March on the way to the Supreme Court.

Arturo Mid-March
“Arturo” Mid-March
Are we there yet?

"Arturo" Pre-MarchReady to go.
“Arturo” Pre-March
Let’s roll.

The funny thing is – they took a picture of me taking a picture of them in their official video. What are the chances of that happening with 650,000 marchers?

So, here’s the challenge – “Where’s Arturo?” – that’s me. Can you find me in their video? If you take the time… and find me – click like. Trust me, I’m there… and the video is well worth watching all by itself.