Silent No More: “I regret my abortion”


Peanut Gallery: At this year’s March for Life , women holding signs saying “I regret my abortion” were most courageous. These were women who had received post abortion help and healing through the good work of Silent No More Awareness.

Why is this ministry important? Because half of our country (USA) has been involved with abortion, in one way or another, and now they are living with the effects.

Many women and men are realizing the abortions they were involved in years ago are the source of the physical and emotional problems they have today….

Women: the feelings of guilt, anger, shame and worthlessness; their struggle with suicidal thoughts, drug/alcohol addiction to numb the pain, eating disorders or depression.

Men: the feelings pain, guilt, and anger.

How many Americans have been involved with abortion?

You do the math: 55 million abortions x 2 parents + at least one friend or family member who encouraged them to go ahead with it. Add it up… that’s 165 million Amercans… half the country in denial or depression of one sort or another… all because of abortion.

No wonder our country is in the mess it’s in.

So who are the Silent No More folks? Click on the link. They are there to help you… and they understand what you’ve been going through.

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