“And When I Come To Die…”, a meditation

Our times are in God’s hands… blessed be the name of the Lord.

Two Heads are Better Than One

crossThis past Thursday, I was reminded of the truth that life is fragile and brief. The husband of an acquaintance of mine was killed in a car accident while returning from vacation. My acquaintance, who was driving in a bad rainstorm, remains hospitalized in critical condition, not even knowing that her spouse is dead, killed on impact when their SUV left the road and hit a tree. Their children, other family,  friends, church members,  all are stunned and grieved.

If you’re a praying person, would you please pray for them, for the Lord’s comfort and mercy?

How easy it is to forget, when things are going well, that our circumstances can change in an instance:  A heart attack, a drunk driver, a lightning strike, a head injury–life-ending for someone, and life-changing for everyone else. 

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