During election time, the opposition focuses on fragmented bits of society to descend upon and exploit their sensibilities to fear. They dangle the socialistic carrot on a stick to steer seniors in fear of losing Medicare and now women fearing to lose their ‘right’ to free contraception and abortion.

Democrats want a socialist government with little actual benefits while gaining brutal taxes to fund it. But they decry foul to those that enjoy doing things on their own like planning their own families, operating their own businesses and shopping for their own health insurance. The ‘Land of the Free’ is becoming a land of Stepford-Wife-like soylent-green-eating manikins. No one has value, only pockets that hold tax money.

Demonizing and dehumanizing unborn human life is not new to the Obamanation. The current federal government is aware of its true weakness – the ‘Unborn’ vote.

Being female myself, I find it embarrassing…

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