The most important “job” you will ever have….

Stacy J. Edwards

I’ll never forget the first time I realized the power of teaching my children God’s Word. It did not seem like much at the time. It was a very stormy morning and my oldest (my only at the time) was frightened. We were driving to daycare and she was in tears because of the thunder and lightening.

Mommy, I’m afraid. She was in the backseat with her hands over her eyes.

Now, she was only three or four and it was just a rainstorm. I knew, however, that this would not be her last encounter with fear. That ugly beast would rear its ugly head again for sure. So, when we made it safely to the school parking lot, I turned around and taught her the first of many important Scriptures…

  1. When I am afraid, I will trust in You (Psalm 56:3.) Notice that the psalmist did not say if…

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