Two Heads are Better Than One

I am no fan of lawsuits. That’s not to say that there aren’t real abuses warranting legal action in the country; there are. Rather, it is the stupid, punitive and illogical lawsuits (which exist to simply target the deepest pockets) that drive me batty.

Working in the insurance industry for close to 20 years probably has something to do with my view, but you don’t need to have had my vantage point to see that lawsuit abuse is having a deleterious effect on our economy and freedom.

We’ve talked about some truly stupid cases before (lookHEREandHEREfor examples), but this one is as mind-blowing as any of those.


MIAMI, OK — Frivolous litigation ignited a series of lawsuits that is causing an Ottawa County gas can maker to close, said Rocky Flick, CEO of Blitz U.S.A. 

Blitz U.S.A./F3 Brands in Miami filed for…

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  1. Thanks, Art!
    I tell ya, examples like these get nuttier and nuttier every day.

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