Pray for the Afghanistan Church

April 13 | Afghanistan – Please pray for the country of
Afghanistan as many people are facing hunger, malnutrition and disease after a severe drought in 2011 wiped out 80% of their crops. Food prices almost doubled. Families are being forced to skip meals, borrow money or migrate. Children could die
because they will not get enough to eat.


Christianity in Afghanistan

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The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan does not recognize any Afghan citizens as being Christians, nor are Afghan citizens legally permitted to convert to Christianity. Although there are no explicit laws that forbid proselytizing, many authorities and most of society view the practice as contrary to the beliefs of Islam.[1] There is only one legally recognized church in Afghanistan and it is located within the diplomatic enclave, and not open to local nationals.[1]

Many sources however claim that there is a secret underground church of Afghan Christians living in Afghanistan.[1][2][3] The US state department has stated that estimates of the size of this group range from 500–8000 individuals.[1] The complete Bible is available online inDari,[4] and the New Testament is available in Pashto.[5] Printed versions can also be purchased outside of the country. There are a number of Afghan Christians outside the country, including Christian communities in the United States,[6] the United Kingdom,[7] Canada,[8] Norway[9]and Austria.[10]

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