Two Heads are Better Than One

The quote in this post’s title were the last words spoken by Mark Steyn in the interview below, …back in September of 2007.

This has been coming for a while, folks.


This week’s disgraceful events in the Middle East, and the even more disgraceful coverage by our Eunuch Media, made me pick up one of my favorite books of the last decade, ‘America Alone‘.

I’m sure many of you have either read it, or have at least heard about it and have MEANT to read it. Regardless if you fall into either of those two camps, or if you are in camp #3 (never read it &/or never heard of it), I’m asking you to do yourself a favor: please read it now.


Right now.

His book (penned in 2006) is almost eerily prescient, and all the while Steyn is waaaay funnier than that…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Art!!
    Much appreciated, my friend.

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